The Victorian Water and Climate Initiative supports research into the impact of climate change and climate variability on Victoria’s water resources. This includes three distinct but related research projects undertaken with the University of Melbourne, the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne are increasing understanding of where runoff rates across Victoria have reduced, and the reasons for the decline. The runoff response of many catchments across Victoria reduced significantly during the Millennium Drought, and many have still not recovered.  The knowledge coming from this research will be useful for informing current and future water availability across Victoria.

Researchers from the Bureau of Meteorology are working to improve understanding of different weather types and their influence on rainfall.  They will also look at ways to better characterise Victoria’s current climate, and the influence of tropical expansion on Victorian rainfall.

CSIRO researchers are developing improved methods for generating rainfall and streamflow projections for Victoria. This includes looking at approaches to better understand and communicate the range of future projections, which will help inform long-term climate change adaptation planning for the water sector.

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